Rose Yoga – Heart Opening Flow


This practice is an invitation to open your mind (and your hips) and let your heart blossom. This vinyasa will get your breath moving and your blood flowing to help you build strength while cultivating ease.

Join me for Rose Yoga, a loving full length heart opening vinyasa flow!

Build strength. Breathe deep. Work with intention. Allow the beauty of your heart to unfold and guide the way!

This strong integrative yoga practice invites you to ride the wave of the breath and create heat in the body.

Allow your breath to blossom with each gesture. Open your mind as you open your hips and your heart.

Go all in for love. Start with yourself.

Let me know how this practice goes for you in the comment section down below! Who did you dedicate your practice to? I dedicate this one to my Mom and to Mama Earth.

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